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You can't beat Guitar Strings 4 Life since they are free!!!

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I love this site. It always has great songs that you can learn really easy. Im super broke and can't even buy strings for my guitar if i break one or two. I always have to save up. I know strings are only $6 or $7. But, What can a guy do? Anyways, I would love for all you guitar player to check this site out. Its awesome.

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LOVE This!!! "Free Guitar Strings For Life" is a great resource . . . not only for guitar strings but also for great videos on how to play songs and guitar lessons for every level of player! Check it out soon!

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Hey, if you're into playing guitar, this is real cool.

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My set of .09 string worked well last night @ our gig. Looks like I'll be ordering some more soon.

Art C.

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My name is Phillip and I love When I first saw this, I’m going to be truthful, I thought it was a too good to be true. I’m an older guitarist and I thought I saw it all. Not only that, I was desperate for some strings. Then I came accross Guitar Strings For Life and from that day forward I got free guitar strings, new lessons, and a chance to win a raffle. It was so awesome. If you feel like this won’t work, I give you my word, this is the best thing next to the Flying V and the Les Paul.

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Excellent is the only word that comes to mind when I visit your site. I've received enough pointers that my playing has already improved. Keep this site up and please everyone, give these guys a donation.

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I really love the instructional content from The lessons are enough to expand any guitarist’s repertoire, regardless of playing ability! The apps section demystifies the hardest part of reading music and playing guitar - knowing the location of notes! I sincerely recommend to anyone looking to unlock their playing potential!

Mike C.

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THANK YOU SO MUCH! It is rare in life that I've won anything and this pretty much is totally cool. I teach guitar and ukulele to people of all ages and your website is like a good friend, giving me an extra hand when I need it. I will continue to not only use you as personal resource but list your website on my handouts to my college guitar classes as well as my private students I wish you continued success!

Tom H.

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I'm still in shock I never thought I would win. I really appreciate the guitar strings for life website it's a very good idea with great sounding strings. I got a set from my daughter who suggested the site to me about 2 1/2 months ago . I am so excited to to have won the Taylor guitar. Thank you

Ike W.

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