fretboard notes trainer

Mastering the fretboard is essential to anyone who wants to be a great guitar player. Use this web app to test your knowledge of the fretboard. It pops up a random note on the guitar fretboard and you select the note name. Also offers the ability to narrow down the notes to a small section of strings, frets, or both making it easier than ever for you to master the fretboard.

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music notation on the fretboard

If you want to know how the musical staff relates to the guitar fretboard use this web app. Click any note on the musical staff to populate the related note or notes on the guitar fretboard. This is helpful in learning to read and sight read music.

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online guitar scale book

This quick guitar scale reference will help you find almost any scale you can think of in any key. Plus narrow down on specific scale positions to quickly master them.

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